#MeetOurSpeekers : Chris Aniszczyk from the Linux Foundation

We are pleased to annouce Chris Aniszczyk (@cra), Vice-President of the Linux Foundation, as one of our 2016 speakers !


Open Source Lessons from the TODO Group

Chris will give a talk on “Open Source Lessons from the TODO Group”:

“The Black Duck and North Bridge 2016 Future of Open Source survey recently showed that 64% of companies participate in open source projects and over 78% run (at least in part) on open source software. There are common challenges when companies start adopting open source, from how to contribute to what projects to open source. A growing trend is that companies like Box, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Paypal, and SanDisk are creating in-house open source offices to maximize the value of open source collaboration.

Members of the TODO Group—an open group of companies who collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective open source projects and programs. We’ll have a discussion on why they started open source offices in their respective companies and share the lessons they learned along the way, some of which have been featured on the TODO blog. You’ll walk away with an idea on how to start an open source office”.

We asked Chris some questions about the TODO Group:

What is the TODO Group exactly? Is there any legal entity or is it an informal group ? Which relations to the Linux Foundation (mentioned as part of the Open Compliance Program)

Chris : TODO is an open group of companies who want to collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective open source projects and programs. Earlier this year we joined the Linux Foundation legal entity as a collaborative project: http://todogroup.org/blog/todo-becomes-lf-collaborative-project/

How does the TODO Group work? What are its past/current/planned activities?

Chris: We do most of our work asynchronously of mailing lists and chat, but we meet F2F on a quarterly basis. Some recent activities include us reviewing the state of open source program management tools, creating a template for open source office lead for companies (which the UK government actually used) and hosted an open source program office track at the Collaboration Summit. In the near future, we plan on open sourcing company wide policies for open source and training used within member companies (we will also host a conference track next year).

Most companies listed as members are US based (all but Huawei) why? Any plans to extend to reach a more European companies?

Chris : The TODO Group initially started out as a very silicon valley focused membership as that’s where most of the original members were from. As we teamed up with the Linux Foundation, we have started to expand our membership. We would love to expand our European based membership!

More about Chris

Chris Aniszczyk is an engineer by trade with a passion for open source and building communities. Currently, Chris is serving as interim executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Previously, at Twitter, he created their open source program (@TwitterOSS) and led their open source efforts for many years. Chris has served for many years on the Eclipse Foundation’s board of directors, representing the committer community, and represents Twitter on the Java Community Process (JCP) organization. In a previous life, he bootstrapped a consulting company, made many mistakes, and led and hacked on many Eclipse.org and Gentoo Linux-related projects. In his spare time, you’ll find Chris doing yoga, writing, running, or cycling.